News / Transition your skincare routine from winter to spring in six steps

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Just like love, spring is all around us. Everything is fresh and new, which means it’s time to rethink your skincare routine.

As the temperatures rise, so does the humidity, which means we might not spend as much time in hot water, but we’ll still be in the water (time for fun in the sun, next to the pool). All these factors affect our skin’s protective outer layer, the acid mantle, which can lead to an outbreak.

So here are six tips to enter spring looking your best.

  1. Always use pH 5.5 balanced products. (This is a year-round tip.) Your skin’s acid mantle is slightly acidic, so when you use soap-based products, you disrupt your natural balance, harming your acid mantle. So when you take a product off the shelf, always check that it’s balanced at a pH of 5.5.
  2. Sunscreen – never leave home without it. Loving the sun might be in our blood as South Africans, but that doesn’t mean you can skip a sunscreen application.
  3. Change your moisturiser. During the winter months, the air is much drier; hence, we had to add extra moisture via moisturisers. But as winter turns to spring the humidity levels rise, which means using a rich moisturiser can cause acne.
  4. Reassess your makeup. We’re all different and we all react to things differently, so pay attention to how your skin reacts to your foundation. If it looks like your skin is becoming oily, change to a lighter or mattifying product.
  5. Twice as nice. Washing your face once, especially in the warmer months, doesn’t rid all the dirt and unwanted oils. So, remember to use a deep-cleansing toner after you’ve washed your face.
  6. Water! Stay hydrated. Not only will your skin love you for it, so will your body. By drinking enough water, you can ensure your skin’s elasticity and boost your immune system.

If you are looking for a convenient way to ensure you have the essential skincare products you need for spring, Sebamed is here. Our Sebamed Clear Face Value Pack contains a cleansing bar, deep cleaning toner, mattifying cream and an anti-pimple gel (just for those extra stubborn pimples) all in one value pack. Rest assured that all Sebamed products are perfectly balanced at pH 5.5 to provide the optimum care for your acid mantle.

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