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A new year brings new fashions and trends, things to be aware of and keep in mind as you move through the year. These trends come about as more research on a specific subject or field is completed. So, with the dawn of 2018, what are the skincare trends you should be aware of?


  1. Inner and outer beauty

You protect your skin against the elements and only use soap-free Sebamed products in your skincare routine. But it’s important to remember you need to pay just as close attention to the inside of your body and soul. We’re not suggesting you give up all your vices, but pay attention to your water consumption, the amount of fruit and veggies you eat and how you manage stress. By taking care of yourself, your skin will naturally look healthier.


  1. Minimalist skincare

There are so many different skincare products available that it can be difficult to choose the products you really need. Instead of spending thousands on emulsions and moisturisers, look for products that offer you exactly what you need and nothing unnecessary. Such as our Sebamed Clear Face value pack, which contains Sebamed Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam, Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel Cream and Sebamed Clear Face Spot Control Gel.


  1. Treat your body like your face

We sometimes pay so much attention to our face care that we might overlook the rest of our bodies. Body skincare products have evolved to such an extent that they contain similar ingredients to your face care products. At Sebamed, we’ve been ahead of this curve with our classic skincare range. We’ve developed a pH 5.5 balanced Sebamed Liquid Face and Body wash that’s suitable for your whole body, and Sebamed Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion that’s oil-free and quick to be absorbed.


  1. All inclusive

Again, we are proud to say that at Sebamed we’ve been ahead of this trend since inception, but finally, the world is catching up. Skincare manufacturers are moving away from developing products suited for specific genders and ethnicities, but for everyone. Our Sebamed products are suited for all skin types, skin colours and genders. They are perfectly balanced to protect your skin’s slightly acidic outer layer at pH 5.5, and it’s soap-free to not cause any damage.

Trust Sebamed with your skincare routine to enjoy radiant and healthy skin – head to toes. All our products are soap-free and perfectly balanced at a pH of 5.5 to give your skin the care it needs. Shop online or at selected Dis-Chem or Clicks stores nationwide.

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