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Can you just feel your skin dry out when people start speaking about the temperature dropping? No more! Not only do we offer Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion that’s been specifically designed to quench your skin’s thirst, but also advice on how to keep your skin smooth, supple and radiant through winter’s chilly days.

1. Heaters are wonderful to warm up a chilly room, but they dry out the air. Hence, turn on your humidifier to keep the moisture levels right. This will prevent your skin from getting dry and your pH 5.5 level from being disrupted.

2. Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water, at least eight glasses a day. Remember that alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating, which means you’ll need to balance these drinks out with more water.

3. Wear sunscreen. It might be winter, but the sun is still out, so don’t leave the house without applying it.

4. Hot baths or showers might be an amazing cure for a long, cold day, but unfortunately, they can dry your skin out even more and disturb your skin’s pH 5.5 balance. Thus, you should use lukewarm water and spend less time submerged.

5. After you’ve finished your bath or shower resist the need to rub yourself dry, it will only dry your skin out more and damage your acid mantle. Instead, gently pat yourself dry. Also, remember by applying Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion to your skin before you’re completely dry, you can retain moisture better.

6. Moisturise at least twice a day, but more regularly is beneficial. Also, apply moisturiser every time you wash your hands. The cold temperature absorbs a lot of moisture from your skin, so the moisturiser will help restore your pH 5.5 balance.

7. You might want to use a moisturiser that is thicker during winter. However, they can trap oils in your skin causing acne. Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion is a specially developed water-in-oil emulsion with 13% lipids and balanced at a pH 5.5, which means that it will regenerate dry and irritated skin without causing you to suffer an acne attack.

8. If your hands and feet are especially dry, apply Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion and put on thick cotton socks and gloves before you go to bed.

9. Make sure you only use a moisturiser that’s perfectly balanced at pH 5.5, such as the Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion.

Beat your winter skin blues with our Sebamed Anti-dry Hydrating Body Lotion available online, at Dis-Chem stores and other leading pharmacies in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.
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