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pH 5.5

Why pH 5.5:

What is the sebamed difference?


What is the secret behind sebamed?


Why sebamed is sold in more than 60 countries


Baby / Classic / Clear Face / Hair

Key Characteristics of the brand:

  • pH 5.5 formulated to maintain the acid mantle of our skin
  • Minimised skin irritation potential
  • Maximum support for the physiological protective functions of the skin
  • Maximum skin care efficacy
  • High quality and high purity ingredients
  • Development in cooperation with dermatologists and university clinics
  • Dermatological testing of tolerance and efficacy
  • Benefits in problem skin proven in clinical observation tests

Formulated around the need and benefit of maintaining our skin’s natural pH balance (ph5.5), sebamed is a leading international brand in the Medicinal Skin Care category, with all products having a pH value of 5.5.sebamed’s wide range of skin cleansing and skin care products, is tailor made to meet the unique needs of different age groups and skin types.

All sebamed products are dermatologically tested and 100% free from soap / alkali / harsh chemicals / alcohol. What's more sebamed products are hypo allergic, as there is 6 times lower changes of allergic reaction* with sebamed products as compared to other conventional products.

Over 120 documented scientific studies have been performed on the sebamed range, proving its effectiveness and benefits. Research is ongoing and performed in Germany by a team of leading and internationally recognised Professors and Doctors in the fields of Dermatology, Chemistry and Pharmacology.

Made in Germany, using pharmaceutical quality ingredients,Trinity Pharma is the proud exclusive importer and distributor of sebamed in Southern Africa. sebamed is available in Dischem, Baby City, and leading pharmacies.

Sebamed has a wide range of skin cleansing and skin care products with a pH value of 5.5